Composite bot progress

So far - super structure of the frame under the plastic the outside is 1/2 in 16 gauge square tubing bolted steel to steel so the plastic is kinda a cushion between the bumper and the steel frame - the inside and the climber and shooter and cage that will hold the stationary hook is 1/2 in square 16 gauge aluminum.

Shooter is powered by one CIM with a reversing 1:1 gear box to drive the intake/shooter wheels in the front. There most likely will be an intake and a trigger and elevator motor - PG71 if I can fix them otherwise I got to rig up something using CIMs . The climber is 2 gearboxes 3DP one 22:1 powered by 1 CIM to move the arms back and forth to climb from rung to rung the 2nd gearbox is about 42:1 powered by one CIM to do the climbing.

Based on bench tests the shooter should have enough power to sink the ball into the top goal from up to 35 feet. The shooting wheels have about 2lb of 5/16 bolts and nuts to give the wheels more inertia and reduce the drop in speed when the ball gets engaged.

What you see on the pic is about 55lb so far - with the drive wheels and the rest of the motor the weight of the robot (weighed seperately and added) without the electronics board (which IDK what I am using yet) and without bumpers and battery will be between 85 and 90 lb. Depending on price (as I am out of aluminum and steel atm) I might pull some of the aluminum tubes and replace them with steel in some of the bottom frame pieces to up the weight. I also might put some aluminum plate in some places.

Once everything has been properly tested the files will be put on my website. If anyone wants them before that LMK

Oh in case why anyone wonders why the wheels are off - its to keep the robot from rolling around while I am working on it and to reduce the weight while I work on it as I am physically limited as to how much I can move around

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It’s always interesting to see the stuff you’re working on, but you might be better suited making a single thread and posting updates there instead of making a new thread for each update. That way people can go back and read through your progress in a single place, and people familiar with the thread title know what to expect when they see it come up on the home page. Maybe reach out to a moderator and see if they can consolidate your existing threads into one overarching thread.


Sounds good. Is there a way to mark the old thread as those projects go over weeks/months and how do you contact a moderator?. For now I have been making a new thread when I scroll down and could not find my old one. So it might be a sign I need some more CD skills

I think a lot of your threads contain the word “componsite”. Searching for that word, in the title as well as in the post should work for you. In the options, it may be helpful to make the search return results for posts made after some date before you started this project.

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You can also go into your profile, and click the “activity” tab, then click “topics” and you can see every thread you’ve ever made. This link should take you straight to it on your profile : )


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