Compound Miters in Tube

Does anyone know how to make a compound miter in Inventor. It is probably easy and I am just missing the idea. I want to take 1" square tube and put a 8 degree angle on one side and a 10.4 degree angle on the other.

Please help!

I’m sorry I might be understanding wrong but are you attempting to make a shape similar to a lathe bit?

I guess so…I want to be able to angle the tube both in and back at the same time.

A work plane or two is probably the easiest way to do this. They’re imaginary planes you create in relation to other surfaces. Like, at X degrees to another plane or face, rotated about a line/axis. Then just make a sketch to cut away all the offending material.

EDIT: Just played with Inventor a bit to verify something. Face Draft is an even better and easier way to do a compound miter like this. It takes two steps, but it’s still pretty simple. Play around with it a little.

You solved it! Thanks. I knew there must be an easy way to do it. I appreciate your help.


Thanks for your solution on the compound miter.

If I understand the problem correctly another solution is using Frame Generator. It contains tools that automatically trim the intersections of frame members.