Comprehensive List of VEX PilotTeams?

I was wondering if we could get a comprehensive list of VEX pilot teams started in this thread so that we can communicate with each other. It will make things more interesting and fun if we bond a little bit before Atlanta.

We are **FRV Team 45 ** (no name yet) Sponsored by FRC Team 341.

Who else is out there?

My wife is running FRV 23, also no final name yet (leaning toward “Daughters of Isaac”). Probable Sponsor: Robotic Amusements, Inc.

I would urge folks to use this forum to discuss other things like Torx head motor screws (that are NOT black – sorting screws is driving my wife’s team NUTS), multiple transmitter, etc.

Joe J.

Some of the team 116 members are on Vex Team 18 (no official name yet, but we have a few ideas).

Some of the 1270 members are helping with the FRV team 26.

We are Rebelrobotics Team FRV-21. See us at We don’t have Board of Ed approval yet !!! Monday Aprill 11th hopefully ??? We can’t plan anything and most of us are going to be scambling last min to put this together and get there. It will be a miracle if we get there at all. Paul Kloburg has been a great help and supporter of our efforts from the NJ-NY Division. We don’t have a mentor yet, we will approach FRC Team #25 from N. Brunswick…Good Luck, Hope to see you down there…maybe…

Rich Morgan
Coach and organizer

Oh yes finally some contact!!! sob
We’re team FRV-39
Most of team 1597 is on it, and that teams name is “Blue Falcons”
so we were planning on using that for both , but if there’s a rule against that I rules we will have to rethink that.
My biggest question to you guys is how are you guys going to deal without programming.
(If you havent figured it out by now, we all have a built in program we can’t alter until VEXv1.0, you can only program the controller)
And how far along are you guys in completing the robot.
We’re located in the Bronx (New York) if anyone wants to have a get together
or has a ny questions plz contact me at [email protected]
I really hope ppl reply to this thread to help others! :smiley:

We are FRV-42, The Hitchhikers, a part of Team 481, The Hitchhikers

We hail from the Richmond side of the San Francisco Bay and have been having a blast prototyping, taking apart and prototyping again. Our local paper printed an article about the team today:

If there are any VEX teams in Connecticut, please PM me.

Hi - I am from team FRV-23, Daughters of Isaac. We have 5 girls in eighth grade on our team. I am more of a facilitator than a coach, as I have never tried to make anything remotely mechanical in my life! I really like the kit, and think it will be very successful, but would like to see some changes, too. I loved that with no experience whatsoever you could get a robot working in 2 hours. Then from there, we could make small changes and learn quickly.

Right now, we have a working chassis and part of a ball collector. We’re hoping to get an arm of some kind soon. We really need to figure out the two transmitter situation. Right now, we can only use one transmitter.

A temporary workaround is to get two telephone handset cords, plug them into the tether port on each transmitter, and plug the other end in place of the receivers. You then have to follow the bot carefully, if it is mobile. If it is stationary, you are home free.


Nice job. This is the power of these web fori (forums?).

Thanks for sharing the information.

Joe J.

Hi -

We are team FRV-50 from Washington State. The kids haven’t picked a team name yet, but they are working hard on a robot.

We built about half of the playing field in my garage.

Our team has been participating in FLL for several years.

It great to see this list forming.

Susan M.
Coach - FRV-50

Josh mangrum from FRV-42 The hitchhikers here. our team has built about half of the field too. can anyone tell me why they gave us such specific mesurements for the field? 42.07 in. is just a little too specific don’t you think? well, anyways, we have our chassis and the beginnings of an arm and were having fun with the drivetrain. I think that it’s really cool that someone started this thread. it’s good to know that there are other VEX guys out there who are having just as fun a time. well…hope to see all of you at Atlanta! Bye now!

-Josh (El Cerrito)

we are VEX team #33, code name E.L.V.I.S. and are sponsered by FRC team 190, there are 2 other VEX teams that are part of the 190 program.

8 motors =)

VEX robotics team 40: “Grep Lurch Grab”
We have named out 'bot “The Claw”
(“Fear the claw! Fear the claw!”)

Hey, any VEX teams from the NH area? I’d love to help out somewhere, get a bit of training. Hope I’m not too late.

PM if anyone can offer me a chance.

~ Jill

Our VEX team’s Official Name will be …Team 45 CRAZY DAISY!!!

Ooh lucky, you get to be teh VEX version of the technokats! :ahh:

Team 46, From Singapore. :yikes: