Compressing pneumatic system before match

So we want to compress the pneumatic system before the match starts, we don’t want to use on board system eveytime. Anyway you see we could add one of those 1 way valves that are on tires to the system?

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Someone else will be able to quote the exact rule but, you’re required to always use the compressor (and its attendant safety systems) to charge your pneumatics.


We figured out a way to not have an external one. But thanks for telling me. Could come in handy for future reference :slight_smile:

Please see R78 and R79

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To add to what @EricLeifermann said:

You figured out a way to do it, but that way has been illegal since last year, per R78 requiring a compressor on the robot and R79 requiring all air come from said compressor (2020 version; 2019 had different rule numbers but the same function).

And I should give you fair warning: There are a number of inspectors on this forum. By now, any of them who have seen this post and happen to know inspectors at your events may have contacted said inspectors, who may be on the lookout. It’s happened before.

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Glad you figured it out! The rule is probably around to stay for future years (it was hard to control the safety of off-board compressors), so this’ll open up good opportunities.

Edit: Eric, I keep rereading the sentence as I think one of us must have missed a negative, but I’m pretty sure it’s you? I’m still trying to reparse the phrase.

Which phrase?

As quoted, “We figured out a way to not have an external one.” (emphasis mine)


I think everybody was missing that. We thought OP was referring to no onboard compressor, which isn’t legal.

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We also are/were weight challenged and our lives would be much easier with an off board compressor. We ran into some odd glitches with the high duty cycle compressor made by Parts to Spray (CP26). It pressurizes our ridiculouly large air tank without difficulty right up to 120psi. But when you start to use air it runs down to 60psi before kicking in again. Various instrucive theories and attempted fixes that are now irrelevant. We settled on going with the old Kit o’ Parts Viair compressor. If we are careful to not vent remaining air at the end of the match…and to check adjacent tubing line for signs of degradation…and to use our older batteries for pit charging…and probably to cool them on the robot with a fan and off the robot with a bucket of Lake Superior Regional snow and ice that we will probably scoop up from outside…well it works. We saved a bit of weight, found a way to keep the psi where we need it, not drain the batteries too badly etc. We will bring two extra 90C’s with. Likely we will burn one by abusing it this way.

When you need 2 gallons of compressed air at 120, well, that’s what you need.

T. Wolter

Yea I was referring to using an external compressor before the match but we positioned the compressor in a way where it’s not near anything nor will anyone touch anything. It turned out not to be a big problem anyways :smile:. Thank you all for your replies.