Compression Crisis

Has anyone else done any test exporting to the DV .mov file type? I am experiencing a severe loss of quality and pixelation. This does not occur to near the degree I am seeing if I use a Windows AVI with the DV codec.

I am using Adobe Premiere 6.5 to export uncomressed targas to the DV/DVCPRO Quicktime codec at 720 x 480.

im using the exact software and settings as you, im getting flashing and pixelation using the cinepack codec (you know, the required one.)

it sucks, but its what they want. i wish they would let us use AVI.

Having the same problem too. Quicktime DV/NTSC codec is bad. The Quicktime Cinepak one is even worse. We’ll submit it like that though. Just as a comparison, we exported our animation in the sorensen 3 codec (which comes with quicktime), and it was 1/3 the size and 10x the quality at least. That’ll probably be the version for our own keeping and the internet version.

We rendered everything in .mov and then transfered via pen drive to an ibook and used imovie to compile everthing. Worked pretty good.

From my experience, iMovie isn’t able to import quicktime files (not iMovie 2, at least) what version of iMovie are you using?

When I render dv/dvcpro quicktime in premiere I get bad artifacts and when I use Cinepak I get nasty pixelation. So, I tried rendering high quality mpeg4 then I went into 3dsmax and used Videopost to render it into a dv/dvcpro-ntsc format, everything looked clear, but there were digital looking artifacts everywhere.

So far, it appears that I am getting good results using an uncompressed AVI as an environment map in 3ds max and rendering to a .MOV. For whatever reason, the encoder used in Premiere is terrible and the one packaged with max seems to work. I wish Autodesk had addressed this in the rules. Especially because most of us render to frames and use some sort of video editing software to encode.


We rendered in Premiere using Cinepak, and our file size was just fine as well as the quality. I’m not sure what you guys are doing, but I’d try using Cinepak…

Not for sure on version, but I know it accepted them and worked pretty good.

If youre still having problems then I’d try using an input event with an uncompressed AVI in the video post, a sound controller in the track view, and an output to a .MOV file.

That worked for us. Best results using Cinepak at full quality. 99.7MB.