Compressor analog port on REV pneumatic hub too small

Not the best picture but the analog port (don’t know the right word for it) for the compressor isn’t fitting in either of the pneumatic hub analog ports. It’s currently too big and I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

Both the compressor and the pneumatic hub are made by REV so I’m wondering why this is happening in the first place and also how to fix it.


You have to seriously jam a PWM cable in there, REV had to put out a step by step photo guide, yes it’s pretty ridiculous. At least it ain’t falling out :smile:

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This is always a balance and why in general we don’t like servo connectors, but when it is the right connector we want to provide wire retention.

Follow the instructions, if things are still too tight you can use a small file or x-acto blade to trim the connector on the wire a bit.

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