Compressor code not working

Hi all,

Our compressor does not start using the premade compressor class.
Things we have done:
-Changed digital sidecars
-Tested the relay slot with a different spike powering a motor
-Confirmed all three lights are on on the digital sidecar without the cable to the crio plugged in
-Tried a different relay slot
-Turned on the spike with a button instead of compressor.start()
-confirmed the digital io slot worked

Things we didn’t do:
-check the error window
-change digital modules

Any ideas? And if we can’t get the compressor class to work, can I write my own control loop using the pressure switch?


when you tried to poke the spike with a button (or test mode), did the compressor start?

can you verify that the digital input from the pressure switch is working?

The compressor did turn on when I used a joystick button. The pressure switch worked on our test board, and when the PWM is taken out it returns a different value.

Are you positive that the pressure switch is working?

Yes. It worked on our practice board and returns the correct values for pressurized and low pressure.

so you can poke the compressor spike, and the compressor starts up.

I read that you checked the switch, but did you verify that the pressure switch input can be read by code

did you call Compressor.start()?