Compressor during Disabled

We’re using pneumatics this year on our robot, and, seeing as we haven’t done this in a few years, I’ve got a question. We have a compressor mounted on the robot, which automatically turns off at 120psi. Are we allowed to run this while we are disabled (i.e. when the announcer is introducing everyone), or do we have to pressurize it in the pits and then wait until Autonomous to turn the compressor on?

I was wondering this same thing, and I still don’t know for sure.

I do figure, however, that pressurizing it in the pit and waiting until autonomous makes it less likely to be penalized.

Just my .02 - anyone with a better answer would be greatly appreciated.

No. In disabled modes, all outputs from the cRio are turned off, including the one to the Spike driving the compressor.

This appears to be your best approach. It is the one we will be using as well.

Disabled means disabled, as in “nothing is able to function” - including your compressor. So if you count on, or program such that, your compressor (is) working while it is disabled, I’d think that’s a <R02> violation

<R02> ROBOT parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, or cause an unsafe

Safety in design would indicate that transporting a charged robot pneumatic system from pit, through cueing to the field would be bad idea. Be sure that you have some method of insuring that no one gets hurt.

We have always charged our pneumatics in the queuing line. Usually while the match before us is staging their robots will will tether up and charge the system.

If we have been in the first match of the day we have always been allowed to tether up and charge after the speeches are over.