Compressor Error

What does this error mean?
ERROR <Code> -2206 occurred at RT FIFO Read in>>Robot Main.viV

Are you using ‘open compressor’ or ‘get compressor refnum’? I was told by people in my team to use refnum. The refnum is Compresser. Just that. Otherwise, I am not sure what it is.

refnum. it is opened in

It would be helpful if you posted your and

so, apparently the spike relay had blown a fuse, thanks anyway you guys

See <R60-I> so that this doesn’t happen again, since the compressor has a large start-up current.

However, it seems unlikely that a blown fuse in the spike would cause the error that you posted.

I have also seen this error. What else would cause the RT FIFO error besides the blown fuse?

Post the code and the error message.

The OP error message hinted that they had the Compressor code in the wrong location (

The Compressor code all goes in with a Close in