Compressor Flowrate Error in Catalog

Just a heads up. When I looked up the specs for the Thomas Compressor, I noticed that there was a discontinuity in the flow rate from 40 to 50 PSI in the chart. The graph makes more sense and I figured the numbers should be approximately:

10 PSI => .69 CFM
20 => .61
30 => .53
40 => .46

The rest of the chart seems correct.

OOC Raul, just where did you get this new information, and what are you compariing it to? I’m not seeing the same numbers.

FYI everyone, the compressor we use is a Thomas Pumps M/N 405ADC38/12. The PDF spec sheet may be downloaded at:
MS users: Use a Left click to view, and a Right click and Save As to download a copy. You will need the Acrobat reader to view it.

I hope this is helpful to everyone.

BTW, speaking of pump rates… A good student exercise is to compare the refill rate of the pump and your total system storage capacity VS your air consumption per cycle for each device and WHEN you expect to actuate them. When calculating total storage, don’t forget the tubing, and the other cylinders not isolated from the rest of the system!

You then plot your estimated system pressure, and how much force is AVAILABLE if I actuate a specific widget NOW (or, calculate the MINIMUM pressure needed for a widget, and find the “danger time zones” created by IT or OTHER devices being actuated) . This gives you a quick check to see if you have enough work AVAILABLE for your strategy and the selected pneumatic devices, especially if you have more than one device. You may find that the first widget drains too much air for the second one to do ITS job right away. Later you can even compare your calculated curve(s) against data logged via the Dashboard Port from the TI pressure transducer, to see how well you modeled the system beforehand… :smiley:

  • Keith