Compressor not autostarting

We are having problems auto starting the compressor. Does anybody any snippet of code that can enable that.

What do you not understand about the compressor example?

(That’s not intended as a put-down or as sarcasm. It’s a real question, intended to find out more about what sort of help you need, and at what level of detail.)

Well we followed the instructions that came with the build kit and it activated the compressor but at the push of a button. We want to activate it automatically.

What instructions are you referring to?

We want to activate it automatically.

The quick answer is to place a Compressor Open function in, and wire its device reference output to a Compressor Start function. That’ll do it.

You really ought to follow through and store the reference using a Compressor Refnum Set, so you can do a Refnum Get and a Close in the when the program completes. If you leave that step out, it’s no big deal, since in normal operation the code never actually does complete.

If you hold the button for the compressor down, does it automatically shut off when the storage pressure gets to 110 psi (or so) on the gauge? If not, then the compressor module will not run the compressor since it doesn’t detect the pressure sensor. An inspector will check this at competition, so be sure to test it yourself as well.