Compressor Orientation

Just to be sure…

Is there any harm in mounting the compressor vertically? We’re short on space on our chassis, and we’re thinking the compressor might not like being vertical.


I think it would be fine.

A quick look at the rules didn’t find any prohibition on this so I suppose it is okay.

Any other thoughts?

Joe J.

The rulse dont prohibit it, but i don’t think the compressor would like it either. You would have to really secure it down, because the dampeners that come with it, i doubtt wouldhold it for long in any position except the normal way. Also you need to make sure yo dont block the air intake fan, and dont put the top flatish head near anything becuase it gets REAL hot.

If you use the isolators they give you you cant mount it anyway but upright or you will shear or rip them right apart.

If you have some kind of substitute for dampening their sound then it shouldnt be a problem as far as the compressors mechanical functionability.

Can you tell im writting an english essay tommorow? Using big words :smiley:

We mounted ours upside-down last year, and never had a single problem. It was fine the whole season, and still runs great. I don’t think these compressors care which way they are oriented.


Do NOT listen to the nay-sayers. Last year we mounted our compressor vertically on a piece of Lexan using the isolators. That compressor would shake when it was filling the storage tanks. It shook so bad that we had a hula dancer attached to it and she was thrown off.
The compressor lasted all through to the Nationals without any problems and is still going strong.

Wayne Doenges