compressor problems

We need to get are compressor working but are having problems, mainly that it wont start, when we plug the pressure switch into the 18th digital I/O it gives us the rc hardware orange light (5v+ output low) and doesnt do anything, the compressor is in a spike connected to the 8th relay output, the default code is set for those spots but it is still not working… does anybody know why? plz help!

Sounds like you’re connecting the red and black wire to your pressure switch. Connect the black and white one instead.

Also, try not to start new topics unless it is needed.

Well the light is green now, but the compressor wont start…

Have you programmed it properly? Are all the PWM connections are secure? Make sure you have the PWM cable plugged into one of the relay outputs on the RC, and make sure it is the correct one. Same thing with your pressure switch; it should be on one of the digital I/O ports.

well the spike from the compressor is in the 8th relay output, and the pressure switch is in the 18th digital I/O, and the default code is on
“relay8_fwd != rc_dig_in18;
relay8_rev = 0;”

The code looks good assuming you don’t have the quotation marks in the code. Where is this in the code? It should be in user_routines.c if you are using the IFI code or in teleop.c if you are using Kevin’s code. Make sure that the relays are not set to 0 somewhere else in the program and that your controller is connected and not disabled.

yay, we switched the pressure switch to black and white and it works

thnx for the help, sorry for new post, had someone else on nother comp searching for original while i asked

Glad to see you got it working! For future reference:
White - Signal
Red - +5V
Black - Ground

For the digital I/O ports, all you ever need to do is put a switch on a white and a black wire. In the programming, you’ll also notice how when you turn a switch on, it reads as 0 in the programming, and when it is off, it reads one. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe this is due to the pull-up resistor in the RC. It reads 1 when the pull-up resistor puts a +5V current on the pin, and when you apply a negative current on it, it shorts it out, and reads as 0 in the programming.