Compressor starting

Our team is new to pneumatics and we are using labview. I have the compressor and solenoid programmed but the compressor isn’t starting when the code starts. Is there something with the pressure switch I have to program?

No, all you have to do is plug in the compressor to the compressor port on the PCM and the pressure switch to the pressure switch on the PCM. The pressure switch will automatically detect low pressure and turn on the compressor. No programming is needed.


You do need code. Are you sure those lines you mention are executing?

Check the status lights on your PCM and make sure they make sense.

One possible cause is a bad pressure switch. Connecting the two terminals on your pressure switch with a wire will enable the compressor if everything else is ok. This is only for testing.

Also if your radio is too close to you PCM it can cause it to bug out for some reason so make sure those two things are spread out far enough.

This is how it works in Java. I assume it is similar in labview. When you declare a solenoid object, the PCM is automatically enabled. Once enabled the PCM automatically turns the compressor on and off using the pressure switch. It does not need specific code to run the compressor although you can enable/disable the compressor in code. The pressure switch is NC so the compressor will not run with the pressure switch or a jumper on the pressure switch terminals.

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Make sure the compressor is completely plugged into the Pneumatic Control Module. Had the same problem recently and that fixed it.

You should also make sure your CAN network is functioning. If the lights on the PDP or PCM are flashing green (everything is okay) or yellow (there was a fault at one point) that probably isn’t the problem. For more info on using the pneumatic system you can read up here.

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