Compressor Wiring to Pneumatic Module too small.

With all these “beta” and “alpha” teams out there that had a chance to wire up with these new modules…

Did you give any feedback to how small the spring connection is to the compressor wiring? Our electrical team feels it’s very difficult and not sufficient enough of a connection for the compressor. In the process of trying to terminate 18 AWG, the spring clamp broke. Of course we had to make some modifications to make the module work.

Also their feedback with the power connections are the same, reducing down to 20 AWG to get the best “pull test” tug on the wires.

Anyone else have opinions of these new spring clamps?

Note that per the manual 18 Awg wire is the smallest you can go for the compressor.

Earlier this week I tried it with 16 Awg wire and had no luck, but I didn’t have a problem with the 18 Awg wire.

I’m not the biggest fan of these connectors. It’s really difficult with tiny wires such as solenoid wires, and I’ve managed to break one of them too.

It totally freaks me out that we are forced to use such a small gauge of wire for the large current drawing compressor. Normally FRC is really good about wire gauge and electrical safety but this is just plain sketchy.

there is nothing in the rules keeping you from wiring the compressor to a spike like we have in the past.

LIKE! :smiley:

Remember that there is something in the rules, specifically R77, that still requires you to use a pressure switch. Since the Compressor class in WPILib deals exclusively with the PCM, you need to code the shut off yourself.

I had an okay time today with 16 gauge wire on those connectors. Nothing broke, but it wasn’t exactly the easiest, nor safest looking thing in the world. I realize this doesn’t help your problem; but maybe your module was manufactured poorly.
Still loads easier than these wago connectors though.

I was able to get 16 gauge wire in there but I agree Its plain silly how hard they are to get in and how flimsy the connection Is once there in.

Can you give us a description of how the connector broke? What tool were you using to push in on the terminal, etc.

(Alpha/beta team) We’ve been running 22 AWG wires for solenoids with no issues. The compressor was wired using 18AWG.

For inserting the wires, I recommend pressing in the button on the weidmuller connector prior to inserting the wire. I also recommend tinning 22 AWG wires.

I suspect the majority of issues here are from the wire becoming bent during insertion. Most of the strands are probably not being caught by the connectors. I have been able to lift our wiring board partially off the ground by these connectors with an 18 or 19 AWG wire in them. Consider that at least a 10lb pull test.