so I got very dissapointed this year to see that veterans don’t get a new compressor, so does that mean that we reuse our old compressor. I checked the rules, an it only says we can reuse solenoids and cylenders, and it doesn’t mention that vets don’t get a compressor. I hope it doesn’t mean that vets are forbidden from using pneumatics!

It would be safe to assume that we can use our old compressors, since not being able to use pneumatics would be unfair to most of the teams.

i believe i read that rookie teams got new compressors and vets use old one to save space and money in kits.

cool, thanks… I hope it still works…

I wonder, would it be within the rules to purchase a different compressor, say a better one, that still operates on 12V DC, and can withstand 120 + PSI?

A simple No. You can purchase the same one.

and, you are limited by the rules in pressure neway… :frowning:

Veteran teams are suppose to use their old compressor.

any opinions on super glue or solid epoxy holding a hairline crack in the release valve port of the compressor? I plan to use it for a display board at 60 PSI.

it held at 60 PSI! it is confirmed now that simple super glue from the cvs can repair a split valve in a compressor.

Just in case your superglue fix doesn’t work out Thomas(supplier of the compressor) does sell rebuild kits and replacement parts for these compressors. There is another thread that covers parts for the Thomas compressors.
Just an obvious word of caution from someone who works with pneumatics everyday- if a fitting, connector, hose, valve, ect. cracks or gets damaged some way its best to depressurize the system and replace it ASAP. Wether the part is plastic or metal glueing it or taping it isn’t a permanent fix and since the part will handle various degrees of internal pressure and possibly getting jolted around from externally the part can fail without notice either by blowing a high stream of air and/or pieces of the part and in the case of a hose not tied down, whipping around violently. Even 60# (about 4 bars) is enough to launch broken pnuematics parts several yards. I know this might have seemed like “fatherly advice” but when working with ANY pressurized system you must be careful with it. Pnuematics are a lot of fun to work with and let’s all keep it that way.

Shouldn’t your team have compressors from 2001 and 2002 as well?

well the 2001 compressor has dissapeared, and the 2002 compressor is still in that bot which is on display at one of our middle schools, so they can use it. and as to compressor burst, I will have some left over lexan when the frame is done, so I can encase it as a preventative.

My suggestion to you, switch the 2002 compressor with teh borken one, it won’t pass inspection if it’s borken.

I already have gotten a new compressor, but I’m now integrating the old compressor into a display board to explain to new members exactly how pneumatics works.