Compressors for pneumatics

Hi, my team is new to using pneumatics and were wondering about the compressor. We were wondering if only one air compressor was allowed as a maximum or if we could use multiple KOP compressors? We wanted to use pnuematics as a primary activation system for a mechanism. Our recent testing shows that the compressor gets really hot after a match’s worth of use, and we wanted to reduce as much heat as possible. We want to know about the legality of the amount of compressors, air tanks, and about refilling our air tanks in the pits with a KOP compressor that is not on the robot. Thank you for reading and helping us with our question.

So, you’re not going to like this answer, but ALL of your answers are in the Game Manual, Section 10.9 (R81-R94). And I do mean ALL. Here’s the list of rules to focus on, in order of question: R85, technical question on cooling (not in Manual, but see also "fan blowing on compressor, please read fan rules), R85 again, R84-J, and R86.

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thank you, we must have overlooked that in our readings. You have really helped us.