Compressors. One for pneumatics, one for a vacuum

So our team is using a pneumatics system for our robot as well as a compressor that we are using as a vacuum independant of the pneumatics system. Is this legal? Would the vacuum system have to be connected to the rest of the pneumatics system.

Short answer: no.

Long answer:
R84 dictates exactly what pneumatics components you can use on the robot.

It specifically says that you’re allowed one compressor on the robot.

R34 also specifies how many and what type of actuators you’re allowed on the robot.

It specifies one compressor.

R86 says that any compressed air on the robot has to come from the one compressor.

I would recommend looking at these Q&As:

While that is true the vacuum is not compressing any air, only creating a vacuum. So it is not attached to the pneumatics system and is working as a venturi valve. Would we need to purchase an actual venturi valve and attach it to the rest of the pneumatics system.

If you’re using a venturi the compressor is creating positive pressure.

You’re allowed one and only compressor on the robot. If you have two, that’s violating R34. You can use some other way to generate a vacuum using one of the other legal motors listed in R34, or use a venturi from your main pneumatics system (from its compressor), but you can’t use a second compressor.

Note a compressor and a vaccum pump are not the same, if by second compressor you mean vaccum pump, directly creating negative pressure, then it is legal, if you are doing like others have stated and using a second compressor with a venturi system to generate a vaccum, then it is not legal.

It’s only legal if the vacuum pump is powered by a legal motor listed in R34.

Yes, sorry, I just assumed that was a given

Some teams are using pumps like this with success, it comes with a 550 series motor, so in order to make it legal per r34, they are just swapping the motor out for another 550 series motor on the list Vacuum Pump - 12V

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