I’m planning on self-studying the CompTIA A+ exam this summer. Does anyone know of good web or print resources? I’ve already Googled, but I was wondering if anyone has any first-hand knowledge.

Which version of the test are they on right now? (When I took mine, it was still on Windows 2000, but I might have some stuff that’s from XP)

I recommend the A+ for dummies books. I also had a high school class to prepare for the test. The hardware section of the test is the hardest in my opinion (such as the size and purpose of each section of memory, and IRQ assignments). we had trainers in the class that the teacher could program in an error and we would have to figure out what was wrong and correct it.

You also might considering studing for the MCSA/MSCE exam, the Microsoft press training books seem to be good for this.

According to their website, the exam was last updated in 2006 and covers Windows 2000 and XP Home, Pro, and Media Center editions.

I just got A+ certified with the IT Technician designation. I reccomend finding a good A+ book (of course you knew that but im saying it anyways) dont go for a skimpy one (be prepared to spend $60+ on it Thompson makes a good book. Also the Dummies series is good only if for the sample questions (i believe theres 700 on a cd that comes with the book) i would also focus on how to get to certain utilities and features in windows 2000 and XP. Allong with hardware standards etc.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Also the test i took was 2 tests 90 questions each, the essentials test you had to get a 675 out of 900 points i believe and the IT Technician one you needed 700 out of 900 if i remeber correctly

Good Luck