Computer Graphics: High School Course

I’m trying to make a computer graphics class available at my school next year, and I’ve got questions for anyone who had taken the class in high school, or whose school offers it as a course already.

Basically, what does the curriculum look like? I’m thinking we’ll touch on Adobe Photoshop and Inventor a little bit, but I really have no idea what to expect. Also, was the class worth it to you?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My school has the Project Lead The Way program running. In freshman year, students are taught drafting, starting off woth the basics on paper and then moving into more complicated things in Inventor. Not only that, but the course also has 4 other classes throughout the high school years that teach college level engineering programs. I would highly recomend trying to get this program, if u dont have it already.

My school gets complicated. We have a few classes that might be what you are thinking of:
-Digital Art, which covers Photoshop and Illustrator for one semester each. This isn’t exactly an accelerated program.
-Computer Graphics, which covers applets and drawing with the Java programming language. This is a post-AP comp.sci class.
-3d Graphics, which covers openGL, and has computer graphics as a pre-req.
-Advanced Applications of Software, which briefly covers a bunch of programs including photoshop,illustrator,fireworks,flash,and, depending on time, raydream’s studio (a 3d thingy).
-Research and Experimentation, a.k.a. advanced tech ed, which includes using Inventor.
-they are trying to start a CAD class to use AutoCad

So, Digital Art is a waste of time, and i wouldnt have taken it except for the required art credit. It would be better if the class could go farther in depth, or be a one semester class.
Graphics and 3d graphics are great classes, but only if you like programming
Adv. Apps is OK, some of the topics (like html) are boring if you know them. But flash is a nice animation program.

the others i did not take.

Hope this helps.

Well I know in my high school, it’s varies. Mostly we focued on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, along with programs such as Autocad. I know personally, I never took these classes since my teacher saw it was too little for me, so he gave me the option of doing an independant study. In this i focused mainly on 3D studio max since my freshman year, and currently am helping him develop a class for it next year (I already helped him develop one for audio editing/creation). It’s really limitless to what you can do, as long as you have the software and students willing to learn, it should be no problem. Another idea is to simply ask the students what they would like to learn and what interests them and take it from there, just a suggestion.

thanks for all the replies. a major problem our school is facing right now is funding, though, but we’re still going to try to get this class off the ground. good luck on everyone’s animation!

Our school teaches Computer Art and we deal with Photoshop, Bryce, Fireworks, and a few others.

Are you looking for a 2d or 3d graphics cirriculum? Or both? Still graphics or video? I go to a vocational school, so, every other week, I’m in a computer graphics class all day, every day. We learn graphic design, designing of advertising, brochures, magazines, web sites, etc… As well as digital video fliming, editing, and production, and digital photography. We do a bit of flash animation, but no 3D (yet).

In 2d still cirriculum, you’d definitely want to learn Photoshop and Illustrator, and possibly Quark/InDesign, Dreamweaver, and maybe some other stuff too.

For animated, you should incorporate flash, and/or your choice of 3d program. Maya and 3DStudio MAX are the industry standards, but extremely expensive. (you’ll need good computers to do 3d also)

For video, you’ll probably need some good computers (mac or PC), and Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Premiere.

I assume that you’d probably be doing 2d design though (still and maybe animated) so you should learn basic design principles (i.e. Rule of thirds), and learn how to convey a thought or idea through the use of imagry.

I hope my comment helps you, and good luck on getting your class!

our school had a media course that did photoshop as well… totally useless… you’re best to learn on your own

I would love for our school to have one of these, as well…any tips on how to get this kind of project rolling in the first place?

What I would do would be to get about 20 kids from your school who would love to have that program and get them to sign a petition and go to the school board with it. 20 kids is around the amount to fill up a class. If you are lucky, you have an art teacher that can do Photoshop well.

my school has two the first one starts with pagemaker and then photoshop. The second one has more photoshop and also imageready and premiere and a little bit of 3d studio max.