Computer modeling of drivetrain and devices

Posted by Frank Saladino.

Coach on team #353, POBOTS, from Plainview CSD and Computer Associates.

Posted on 2/5/2000 8:45 PM MST

Many of my class activitieas include computer modeling of devices to see what the projected outcomes wil be without having to build it first.

We put one together for the robot drivetrain which gives velocity and time to cross the playing field, along with the sizes and tooth counts of the components needed to achive the desired results.

If anyone would be interested in how to set one of these up, I will post some tips that will show how to do it using any spreadsheet.

Good luck all!

Frank Saladino, Team 353

Posted by Ben Hebert.

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Gunn High School and Sun Microsystems/NASA Ames/Xerox PARC/Nortel Networks/Scitor/Alan Steel/Madco/Vanderbend.

Posted on 2/6/2000 11:07 PM MST

In Reply to: Computer modeling of drivetrain and devices posted by Frank Saladino on 2/5/2000 8:45 PM MST:

I’m sort of curious about what equations you used to generate your numbers. We tried something earlier this year to model drivetrain performance, and ran into a fairly complex differtial equation that was not as useful as we had hoped. Do you think you could post your calculations, or maybe look over ours?

Ben Hebert ([email protected])