Computer Network Bridge

Hopefully there is a network Guru out there who can help me with this.

Most of our laptops can not get on the school network because most of us do not go to the school(inter-school team). We have one laptop for us to share which doesn’t work well. I hooked it up to the WAN on out Team Router to the LAN card on the laptop to and bridge the connection with the wireless card on the laptop. That way, the rest of us could access the internet. The bridge didn’t seem to work, though. Both cards stopped working. I am no networking expert, but I am guessing it has something to do with the computers domain policy so that it can not act as a server for the router. Is there any way to turn off the domain policy on the LAN controller so I can create the bridge if this is even the problem?

connect the network cable from the schools computer to the WAN port on the Cisco router, than connect a cable from the router to the schools computer. Doing this should allow anyone who connects to the router to have Internet. Some security settings on the schools network may prevent this, such as IP filtering, MAC address filtering, etc. :smiley:

Shouldn’t I have to make an internal bridge, though? The router and the school’s network are two different networks, so by default they can not talk without a bridge, right? I tired it the way Scott L. said and it didn’t seem to work.

no bridge should be required a router allows different networks to connect:D

I just set up something similar to this…here’s how I made it all work…

  1. Disable the DHCP on the router - it makes things much easier later
  2. On the computer that works on the network, connect to the school network using WiFi and to your router with a LAN cable - do NOT connect to the WAN port on the router, but connect to one of the LAN ports.
  3. Enable “Internet Connection Sharing” (not the network bridge) on the school computer - on the WiFi connection, telling it that the LAN connection is the “local” network if it asks.
  4. Connect any other laptops to the available wireless provided by the router. The “gateway” machine that works already on the school network will provide DHCP server functions for your private network.

Feel free to e-mail or PM me if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: The machine I set this up on was using Win XP Pro on the machine running ICS - YMMV if you have a different OS…

I will try when we meet next. I think I tried to set up a new connection when I tried before rather than modifying an existing one. That could by why I got the error. Thanks

The one with the shared connection doesn’t seem to be putting out a DHCP brodcast? Everything else should be correct.