Computer Question

My g/f’s computer is acting really stupid. It refuses to run a scandisk (“Scandisk has restarted ten times because an application is writing to the disk”, even though there is NOTHING open at all) or a defrag (cuz I can’t run the stupid scandisk). Can anyone help? I’ve tried everything I can think of…maybe a few suggestions will help.

close all open applications, including those in the system tray. If it’s windows 95/98/ME, press control, alt, delete, and end every task except Explorer and Systray. If XP hit control, alt, delete, hit the applications tab, and end all tasks there. If using ME or XP, also disable the System Restore feature, by right clicking my computer, clicking properties, hitting the system restore tab, and turning off for all drives. If all else fails, restart the computer in safe mode, and run scandisk/defrag from there.

install linux… is a nice place to start… :slight_smile:

either that, or buy a copy of windows XP or 2000, cause they’re a lot stabler and a LOT better than win9x (it’s undisputable).

Or if you don’t want linux or want to “buy” new Microsoft OS’s then just reinstall Windows…

Run the DOS version of Scandisk.

If you can’t, then close all programs.

If that dosn’t work, then get 98SE, 2000 Pro, or Linux.

Boot into safemode, then try to run scandisk.

Also, Win9x (Dos with a GUI) is the reason MS has such a bad reputation. Win2k is nice and stable, based on the NT code.


Bloat bloat bloat =BAD

The reason I said 98SE is because you can boot to DOS with it.

If Linux isn’t the answer, then you’re asking the wrong question. :smiley: LINUX! WOO!