Computer Radio Connection Error

I am getting errors when trying to deploy Labview code on the Roborio through the Wifi connection. I am able to connect to the wifi source, deploy code through Usb cable directly to the RoboRio, and run the robot on the Wifi. But the problem is that I can not deploy the code over the Wifi. Other computers on our team can deploy over Wifi, so I believe that it is a problem with my computer specifically. Please send help.

We have tried:
Redoing the Radio Configuration
Re imaged the RoboRio
Checked Wifi settings for DHCP
Turned my computer on and off (And the Robot too)
Turned off Windows Defender

Try disabling other network adapters on that PC to see if that helps.

All of the connections you listed I assumed meant the PC in question. Is that a good assumption?

Are you able to right-click on the roboRIO in your project and click “Connect”?