Computer resetting?

I’m not sure exactly were to put this, so i posted in this forum (Brandon, you shall move if you shall think of a better place). In the past couple of days, a lot of people have been complaining of their PC’s restarting every 60 seconds and some error coming up. I personally haven’t had the problem, but I did some research and found out how to fix it. The error said something like this: “NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM will shut down your computer in 60 seconds.” It’s caused by a flaw in the Windows operating system and can open up your system to hacker activity. This thread: has a lot of information about it and you can download a patch here:

I downloaded the patch, updated my virus scan, and ran my ad-aware just in-case it were to get my computer. I just thought I’d post this because I know how annoying that garbage can get.

[edit] gar somebody beat me. see this thread: [/edit]