computer wont boot up

2gopc startup saying BOOTMGR IS MISSING.
We had someone that knew about software and that kind of stuff come in and help us set up our 2go pc. They left saying that something was wrong with the computer and that they couldn’t do anything. Right now we tried to set it up so that we could control our drive train and it says that the BOOTMGR is missing. We tried booting up from a USB loaded with Windows but it won’t recognize the USB. Now we have no way of booting it up since we can’t even access the main menu, not even through MS-DOS mode.

Did it use to work, and now it doesn’t? If so, when is the last time it worked, and what was done to it since then?

Have you imaged the Classmate with the imaging key? I know that Classmates received through First Choice were not imaged. I’m not quite sure about those received in the actual Kit of Parts though.

If it was imaged, try following a few troubleshooting steps to see if you can fix it. If it hasn’t been imaged yet since you received it, follow the steps here to load an operating system on it.

Did you resolve this?

We had the same problem when trying to image an HP Probook 6360b, I believe it is a problem with the current image from the FIRST website unless your computer used to work.

The provided image from FIRST only works on the classmate computers.

Boot from a USB key, loaded with Ubuntu. Once you boot in, connect to the network. Run the following commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install boot-repair-disk

run boot-repair-disk and you should have an option to install grub (or maybe even install windows boot mgr). Start with installing grub, and keep it if you like, otherwise once you boot into windows, use windows to reinstall the boot manager. That should do the trick, typically. What did you install that broke the system?

We first tried with the FIRST image, and then image software from the HP website. Sorry i didn’t clarify this.

That’s not true, we’ve used the classmate image to image a thinkpad. Although I think your success will vary.

I believe this is true but I cannot verify, we did image another HP laptop last year but for whatever reason, it didn’t work for our new laptop this year.

What is this dark magic?! :smiley:

I really think it is a question of luck, hit or miss. It could also be caused by small hardware differences. There really isn’t a true explanation to this phenominon, but I think this might have happened!

Yeah, we tried to E14 image but that one bluescreened it even in safemode. We had to go back and use the e12 image.