is it true that the winners and finalists at nats win CDW computers?

I heard them mention that the winners and finalists were getting two computers each per team.

nice, thats awsome

the chairman award winners also recieve 2 CDW computers for the team.

i am more than sure that all the top 12 teams, the division winners, each get 2 computers, I’m not sure of the make or if they are laptops or what but I’m pretty sure its the top 4 alliances that get them.

I think the autodesk award winners got a laptop as well.

I heard each division champ, and the chairmans award winner gets em. They never said desktop or laptops, but either way, its awesome. :smiley:

Not to be bringing up a dead thread … but we got our comps today from CDW …

HP/Compaq P4 2.8ghz
256mb ram
40gb hard drive
DVD/CDRW combo drive - Not too sure on the speed, probally 16x dvd 48x cd
Integrated Sound, Video and Ethernet
17" Acer LCD
XP Pro

Not a shabby deal at all. Laptops would of been nice … but I dont think anyone will complain about 2 of those systems for free. One thing they lacked, was Office, but heh, it isnt too bad if you got a site licence. We needed a good computer to do inventor on anyways :slight_smile:

the system components are sweet but system manufacturer well is kinda iffy. HP / Compaq are not the best people to get a system from or have it repairied by.

Like you said if its free why complain! =)

Atleast its better than the dells which my girlfriend has had at school. She is on # 6.5 (partially repaird). they have typically just died mid use! I’ve never had a problem with my HP laptop. But then again its the only name brand thing which i own, computer wise.

thats awesome. :slight_smile:

Sounds like some awsome computers. We’re getting the 2 comp deal from CDW too. I’m not sure if it is from winning our division or from the winning the Leadership in Control award though.