Comunity Service

I’m Just curious how many first teams partake in community service programs?

Send a reply if your team dose XD

My team does. We mentor FLL teams and do random service like helping with charity runs.
-Team 1732

Our team does. We do a RoboChiX Alliance young women’s program, Magnet Program recruitment, library tours, FLL mentoring & training, general community outreach, student internship program, student-taught robotics & engineering courses, summer camps, and some other stuff.

  • Team 1002

Team 166 does. We clean the street out side of our school and attend local events. We also mentor local FLL teams and we host a FLL regional.

I wonder if hosting Beta day back in september counts as
“community service”… :rolleyes:

Our team uses it as an requirement for students to travel. The Open Door Mission, St. Ann’s Nursing Home. Foodlink amongst others.

Rolling Thunder (1511) has a similar requirement (we call them achievements). We ask the students to pick which organizations they want to work with and let them make the arrangements. It’s fun to see what they choose. From giving blood, to packing Thanksgiving baskets, to sorting medical supplies, to walking for a variety of causes, to playing games with senior citizens, we all usually learn something new about ourselves and our community!

Team 704 helps at least one charity each year. This year it is the North Texas Food Bank. We put on "First Robots invade Quicktrip Park with our Minor league baseball team to raise awareness of FIRST in the community, and we mentor FLL teams.

The TechnoKats do the technical work for a New Years ball drop in downtown Kokomo every year. We provide a giant four-sided projection display to show the names of people being honored and remembered during the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Howard County each summer. In past years, we’ve had volunteer hosts at the Christmas Tree House, cleaned up donated items for a local charity, and even built a motorized display for the Automotive Heritage Museum.

Simple answer should be, all of us.

We do a Walk for Warmth, FLL competition, WMRI, and volunteer at Cafe 58 (dedicated to providing cheap food for people) annually.

In the off-season of 2010 we had an event at a library raising awareness about water filters and the need of them in places like Africa.

Every team should participate in community events to spread their message and connect it to their team.

Our team is very active in the community, from participating in the Adopt-A-Plane program, where we clean an F-105 Thunderchief on a monthly basis, to volunteering at the Painted Turtle Camp for seriously ill children.

Please feel free to read our Chairman’s Award submission on our web page :slight_smile: