Concerns about goalie zone

Eventough I read the manual for several times,I couldn’t be sure about something. Does the every part of the robot have to be in goalie zone to make defense by increasing its height or if some of the robot’s frame is on the goalie zone’s carpet is that enough?

Rule G23 says:

If a ROBOT is in contact with carpet in its GOALIE ZONE, and for only one ROBOT per ALLIANCE at a time, there is no height restriction; however, any extension or combination of extensions above 5 ft. may not extend beyond a vertical cylinder with a 6 in. diameter (see examples in Figure 3-5).
Thus it seems to me that, if any part of the robot is in the zone (by touching it), it should be able to extend upwards.

Youre absolutely right. You only have to be in contact with it. If you wanted to just touch a corner of the zone and block youre more than welcome to.

However G4 says for the start of the match

C. entirely within their GOALIE ZONE, or

So if you’re planning on starting there, you have to completely fit.

Once the match starts, you only have to be in contact with the carpet inside the GOALIE ZONE.

thank you all so much my whole team keeps asking me that question.

Thank you guys , that was really helpful