Cone/Cube Interactions w/Team Version Grid

6045 was in a great position after kickoff and had the opportunity to build one section of the Grid yesterday. This setup was around $80 for materials from Fleet Farm/Home Depot.

Both Cones and Cubes have a decent margin for error! Early testing has found that it’s a lot nicer to score Cones when they’re positioned at a 45 degree angle relative to the Node. This enables the driver to drive straight into the Node rather than needing to manuever a mechanism above the Node.



Okay now I want to build a robot that flips cones onto the poles.

I saw the full version with sound - it has @Ryan_Swanson running around shouting “IT WORKED THE FIRST TIME!!!”


Bonus points if it can also flip partially full water bottles

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If you spin the cone about its long axis (using eg. a frisbee shooter), you should be able to launch it at constant 45 degree (or whatever you want) angle

i foresee a couple of creative teams doing this for fun…


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