Conference Direct / AC Hotel issues (Houston 2023)

Did anyone else who dealt with Conference Direct for hotels in Houston have any issues with having credit card incorrectly charged, messed up reservations, etc? Ours specifically were messed up at the AC Hotel, and two weeks later I still have a bunch of rooms charged to my credit card that I did not stay at (team parents charged the rooms to their credit cards).

Just curious if anyone knows where I can file a complaint. The FIRST Housing email returns an auroresponder that the address is no longer monitored.


Regarding the incorrect charge, file a dispute on the charge with your credit card company (being able to do this is one big advantage of credit cards over debit cards).

Thanks. I’m giving them one more chance tomorrow and then that is my next likely step. Just curious if others had the same experience.

While I haven’t had that experience, I’m far from surprised. ConferenceDirect really seems to be struggling at the scale that champs gets to. Account issues, last minute hotel changes, advertising services the hotels didn’t have, not booking sufficient capacity…

I’m not sure there is a better option for booking. But if FIRST said they were going with a different supplier, I’m not sure I’d shed a tear over it.