Conference webcasts/recordings possibilities

How difficult would it be to archive these presentations and put them on a resource like youtube or thebluealliance?

I see every year valuable presentations I want to attend but usually am not able to attend for a variety of reasons. I’d even be willing to pay the same amount as if I attended them in person, but has anyone thought of doing this?

I know the presentations are usually somewhere online, but I know that a lot is lost without the actual presenter’s audio (or for some of our more animated personalities, video).

Nothing can substitute for attending the Conference in person. It is an opportunity to interact with the presenters, ask questions, and receive content that is not easily represented on the web. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone possible. Passes are on sale now… $10 for a single session, $35 for access to all, or $140 for 5 all-access passes.

Now that I am done with that plug, a limited number of past presentations, many with video or audio, are hosted at

Each year, the Conference staff does work to capture some of the content of the Conference and make it available to teams after the event thanks to the generous donation of Rolls-Royce. However, it is not always possible to capture all presentations. For example, the “Advanced Control System Topics” on Thursday afternoon will be highly interactive in teaching programming techniques… which is nearly impossible to capture given the setup and capabilities at the Conference.

Of course we would like you to attend a conference or two or three.

Our team is presenting a fun deal on how to challenge elementary school students at 10 am and on how to work with large organizations like the state department of education at noon. Both are in C204 on Thursday.

We will be recording the presentation on professional HD video. The video will be available later on our website and at any other site that wishes to host it.

come and see us…

Of course attending a conference session is best. But how do the teams that need the help the most, those that didn’t make it to Atlanta, get the information? Recording, powerpoint, notes, pictures - anything is better than nothing.

As Colleen stated above, Rolls-Royce provides funding to support the taping of these presentations so that they can be archived and viewed by teams.

Also, many of the presenters are CD people, and the presentations are posted here.

Maybe Brandon can create a special place for Championship Forum presentations to be loaded to, so they are easy to find here on CD?

All that would be necessary is for everyone to tag it with like “Championship Presentations” or something of that nature.