Confessions of a mediocre programmer

I found this article on Tech Republic, I figured it may be a good laugh for some of you fellow programmers out there. Definiatly should be shown to any new programmers on your team.

I am that kind of programmer

Me too! I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did. The story encapsulated my 3 decades of software development ::rtm::

I’ll read it over when I get time. Just skimming it looks like a very interesting article, and seems like it relates to me even a little.

That article, combined with your signature made me laugh. All of us “Programmers” are nothing more than people who write a few simple commands on a computer but know how enough about the overall robot to get everything working (contrary to what we want the rest of our team to think :stuck_out_tongue: )

@Pi: Don’t post so loud, someone might hear that!

That’s a rather interesting perspective on it…I think I’ll be bookmarking that.