Confessions of a rule breaker

Ok, we confess. The rule is no food in the pits. On April 24th we loaded into the pits at the Championship. Shortly after we invited the regional director for Georgia to our pit for a surprise birthday party for her birthday April 24th. We smuggled in birthday cheesecake that come in the little single serving boxes. You really have to watch out for those FIRST kids, they are little devils.

Happy Birthday Connie !!

Was this a rule? Seeing as there were concession stands open in the pits, I don’t think so.

You should see our “toolbox”…I, for one, consider oatmeal cream pies and bottles of water “tools”

Now that you mention it that may be right. It seems to me there is some kinda rule about food. Maybe it is only at the regionals ? I’m certain that you cannot pass out food at the regionals !

Yeah, at CMP I don’t think this was a rule. But it is at most regionals I believe.

Even if it’s not a rule, I still consider it bad policy to eat in the pits.

There are plenty of separate areas to eat, use them.

I understand it’s a safety concern what with liquid spills and the potential for metal shavings/debris to get into your food.
But, look at it this way, is it really safe to have a bunch of hard working mentors and students be distracted by thirst and hunger while they’re working because they have to take 5-15 minutes to go get something to eat/drink instead of grabbing a snack to hold them over until the next convenient break to go get food.

Maybe there should be some stipulation that food/drinks need to be in resealable container such that no contaminants can get in, and it can’t get out unless you’re attempting to consume it. Also, the pit must also contain sufficient cleaning equipment such as paper towels to clean up any spills/dropped food that may be occur.

It’s probably something based on the venue-- stadiums don’t appreciate nacho cheese spilled on their nice concrete floors :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to add a footnote. We normally do not allow food an non-water drinks in the pit. We had the 5 person load in crew, rolled in the equipment, had the party, threw out the trash, and back to normal. All in about 20 minutes, all on the load-in evening and not during the rest of the event. For whatever this footnote is worth.

You’ll find that 1648 also has some “spare parts” in our pits.

  • Sunny G.

Not so much the oatmeal cream pies, but I religiously make sure there’s a case of bottled water in the pits, as well as some in the stands. And I’m still constantly telling people to drink more water. (cough Chad) It’s too easy to get dehydrated. I’m less of a fan of soda, but if it’s resealable I don’t say too much.

Oh, and while I feel that coffee cups shouldn’t be allowed in the pits, as I’m not willing to sacrifice my morning cup of coffee, I’m not going to ask anyone else to.

The rule generally no outside food at the venues. Comes from contractual agreements with on site vendors who pay a premium for the privilege of selling $5.00 cokes. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Connie!!