Confidence/Ego level poll

How confident are you about you bot? :ahh::o:);):smiley:

does that include the program? :smiley:

We had a stupid glitch this afternoon with a broken wire in the drive train that blew four matches, but other than that our bot performed flawlessly – we hopped on the bar every time. We’re not good for much else, but it’s great to see our robot finally working like it’s supposed to!

Confidence: :cool:
Ego level: 79,329 joules

Wow, that’s enough ego to make a cup of tea!

~Aaron, the eternal pessimist

yes, and anything else that is involved (OI, driver, Human players, your parents cheering in the stands…)

The only things I’m worried about is someone slamming into our robot and the door on the hopper. Our robot is basically a giant hopper, capable of catching all 18 balls (if alined right, if not, we miss one or two ;)) and then releasing them through a door in its side. In our test runs of our 'bot, the balls when force the door open until it was horizontal to the ground. We also can’t drive the motor autonomatically when we detect the door being forced open, as the motor isn’t powerful enough. But, if the driver moves slowly enough, we might be ok.

The other thing is that, if we get slammed, our hopper wings might snap, rendering us only useful for getting on the bar. :slight_smile:

At least we can do several things if one breaks. :wink: