Configuration Question

We’re a rookie team from Connecticut and we’ve gotten into a dispute over the starting configurations of the robot.

We know that the starting configuration is 28" x 38" x 60" but we were wondering if these were just the configurations for shipping or if at the start of every game, the robot must be within these configurations.

We are planning to ship the robot by folding the claw on our arm back so that it fits in the box, but when the robot is holding the ubertube, our CADers have noticed that the claw would stick out of the starting configurations given.

Any clarification would help, thanks :slight_smile:

no that is not just the shiping configuration your robot must start the macth like that

Shipping configuration is that it must fit in the crate (or bag, if you’re going to a bag-and-tag event). See the Administrative Manual, Section 4 for crate/bag details.

Starting configuration–the 28x38x60in box–is just that, starting configuration. If you’re not in the box when the match starts, you’ll probably get disabled, and quite possibly disqualified. It’s happened before.

Sounds like time for a little redesign… The tube doesn’t have to be in the box, but the robot (claw included) does.

According to the U.S. FIRST website, it states that you can build your own crate. I’m not sure if there’s a limitation for the configuration, however there is for weight. Any robot that exceeds 400 lbs will have to pay extra for shipping

When in doubt, go look at the rules again, section 3.1.2 Pre-MATCH:

<G03> Each ROBOT must be in its STARTING CONFIGURATION. The Head Referee may call for an inspector’s recertification of the ROBOT size and weight prior to the start of any MATCH.
Violation: Prohibition from participating in the MATCH