Configuring OM5P-AC radio

A couple of days ago, we discovered that our radio no longer produced the wifi connection it is supposed to. We flashed the radio successfully, however when we tried to configure we had this error:

Bridge configuration failed: IP address could not changed Please ensure the bridge is connected to this computer and try again.

The firewall was disabled, all connections other than Ethernet were disabled, we ran the program as admin, and still got this error. We tried three additional routers, several Ethernet cords, and several laptops, to no avail. When we looked at the Ethernet connection in the control panel, the connection status fluctuated between connecting and not connected. Does this mean that all of our radios are broken, or is there something else we can try?

It’s unlikely that all your radios are broken, or even one.
But you do seem to have tried what I would.
Usually the culprit is the laptop settings.

How is the radio powered?
Do you give it time to complete booting before pushing the Configure button? (Takes about a minute, power led stays solid and non-blinking)
Are these school laptops or personal ones that you’ve tried? (If the laptops have a common background, i.e., school setups, then they’d likely have common issues).

Your wireless would not work after a competition, such as HHH.
It does need to be reconfigured after that, because of the security code added by the competition radio kiosk.

My team has been having the same issues that you are having for a radio as well.

Here are a few checks:
-Make sure you are using the newest version of the FRC Radio Configuration Utility.
-Enable IPv6 in the Ethernet adapter, if it isn’t already. (Right click on Ethernet -> Properties -> checkmark next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
-By disabling Network Adapters besides Ethernet, are you doing this in the Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings screen?
-From National Instruments: “Disable all network adapters except the one your radio is connected to and then manually configure the IP address of the adapter you wish to use to”.

We have tried a PoE injection cable and a regular power cable. We waited for the power light to stay solid before configuring, although it didn’t seem to take that long. However, we couldn’t get the ethernet link light to stay solid. The laptops are school laptops. I will see if using my personal laptop helps.

We disabled the other networks through the Network and Sharing Center, in accordance with the FIRST guidelines. I will try tinkering with the ethernet settings. Thanks.

The Ethernet light should blink as communication packets go back and forth.
That’s normal.

I tried using my personal laptop, and we configured successfully on the first try. Thanks Mark.