Configuring the cRIO?

Okay, so I am trying to reconfigure the cRIO so we can deploy our LabVIEW project onto the robot, and have it stay there.

When I try to format the controller I get this error:
“The imaging tool has detected that you have a CAN Plugin enabled and you have an old image installed. Your CompactRIO would hang when trying to reboot. Please remove the CAN plugin from the StartupDlls line in ni-rt.ini and then manually reboot your CompactRIO before trying again.”

Can anyone help? Thanks!

I’m having the same exact problem! Please help! I’ll post a solution if i find one. Team 1450.

Hey, i was able to get around this problem by following this procedure:

  1. Turn OFF power to the cRIO
  2. Turn the safe mode switch on the cRIO to the ON position.
  3. Turn ON power to the cRIO
  4. Open the cRIO imaging tool
  5. Check the reformat checkbox in the imaging tool
  6. Press the Apply button in the imaging tool
  7. When the imaging tool pops up a dialog box stating that the cRIO is in safemode, press the button that allows it to continue reformatting
  8. It should complete the imaging succesfully
  9. Turn OFF power to the cRIO
  10. Turn the safe mode switch on the cRIO to the OFF position
  11. Turn ON power to the cRIO
  12. In the imaging tool, Select the language you want to use (java/c++/labview), re-enter your device name, re-enter your team number
  13. Select apply in the imaging tool
  14. The cRIO should now successfully re-image.

I think at this point you will NOT have the CAN driver installed. I have not gotten to adding the can driver yet :slight_smile:

I’ll try once we finish fastening the components to the board.
I’ll report back!

Works thanks!