Configuring the radio for Competition Use

Hi, I was just wondering how we configure our radio for use at the competition. Right now we just have it configured for home use.

Each event has computers where you bring your d-link to configure it to the events field.

There will be a WPA kiosk at your event. It is usually set up on a tough box computer and can vary in location. I would suggest you check inspection first, if it isn’t there, the inspectors should know where it is.

You will need to power your radio, put it in bridge mode using the switch on the back (all the way towards the power port) and hook it up by ethernet to the computer. You then type your team number into the computer and click the button on the screen once the DAP-1522 has booted (the power light will be blue when fully booted). The program will take care of it for you.

The radio will no longer be a DHCP server and you will not be able to connect wirelessly.