Confirm Legality of this Step Down Module

Thats a link to a step down module my team is thinking of using to connect the VRM 12V ports to some arduinos. I read to rules and didn’t see anything against but I coulda missed something so hoping someone could confirm the legality.

It’s legal as a custom circuit but be warned that the cutout voltage on these is likely higher than you want it to be.

Is that when it’ll stop supplying current to the arduinos? Also, could I plug this straight into the PDP instead of a VRM?

I have never had a problem just using the nominal 12 volts to power an arduino. The following is the tech specs for an Uno and it allows up to 20V input.

Edit: I did not notice the micro USB you may be using a micro or pico or something other than the Uno.

Team also plans on using Raspberry Pis which are 5V

If it were me, I would avoid plugging anything into a VRM other than the Radio power. I would plug a converter like this into a breaker spot on the PDP.

This tends to be our converter of choice:

You’ll need to adjust the output first but it seems to handle drops and spikes really well and we’ve been using them since 2015ish to power everything from
Jetsons to raspberry pis and more.

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Yes, this item is legal for use on an FRC robot. In fact, a similar device was used to power radios in years past.
I would avoid connecting it to the VRM powering the radio though. The 12v rail only supplies a maximum of 2A peak and 1.5A continuous. The radio itself uses 1A which leaves you with only 500mA.
Just connect it directly to the PDP.

Another option would be to connect an additional VRM instead of buying this device. Most teams have an extra lying around.