Confirmed 2024 Regional Events

For those of you who like to refresh the event search every three seconds just for fun (no judgement, same), feel free to edit this wiki as more events get officially confirmed on the FIRST website. This post is for regionals only, since districts probably each deserve their own thread.

Here is my filtered search, for people who want to search.

Regional City State/Province Country Week Days
Canadian Pacific Victoria BC CAN 1 ThFrSa
Greater Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA USA 1 ThFrSa
Lake Superior Duluth MN USA 1 ThFrSa
Northern Lights Duluth MN USA 1 ThFrSa
South Florida Fort Lauderdale FL USA 1 ThFrSa
Utah West Valley City UT USA 1 ThFrSa
Brazil Brasilia DF BRA 1 FrSaSu
Hueneme Port Port Hueneme CA USA 1 FrSaSu
Arkansas Searcy AR USA 2 ThFrSa
Central Missouri Sedalia MO USA 2 ThFrSa
Great Northern Grand Forks ND USA 2 ThFrSa
Green Country Tulsa OK USA 2 ThFrSa
Hudson Valley Suffern NY USA 2 ThFrSa
Midwest Chicago IL USA 2 ThFrSa
San Francisco San Francisco CA USA 2 FrSaSu
Ventura Port Hueneme CA USA 2 FrSaSu
Arizona Valley Scottsdale AZ USA 3 ThFrSa
Central Illinois Peoria IL USA 3 ThFrSa
Finger Lakes Rochester NY USA 3 ThFrSa
Heartland Shawnee KS USA 3 ThFrSa
Magnolia Laurel MS USA 3 ThFrSa
Sacramento Elk Grove CA USA 3 ThFrSa
Tallahassee Tallahassee FL USA 3 ThFrSa
Los Angeles El Segundo CA USA 3 FrSaSu
Southern Cross South Windsor NSW AUS 3 FrSaSu
Wisconsin Milwaukee WI USA 3 FrSaSu
Arizona East Tempe AZ USA 4 ThFrSa
Buckeye Cleveland OH USA 4 ThFrSa
Colorado Denver CO USA 4 ThFrSa
Idaho Nampa ID USA 4 ThFrSa
Iowa Cedar Falls IA USA 4 ThFrSa
Long Island Hempstead NY USA 4 ThFrSa
New York Tech Valley Albany NY USA 4 ThFrSa
Orlando Orlando FL USA 4 ThFrSa
San Diego La Jolla CA USA 4 ThFrSa
St. Louis St. Louis MO USA 4 ThFrSa
Central Valley Fresno CA USA 4 FrSaSu
Las Vegas Las Vegas NV USA 5 ThFrSa
Monterey Bay Seaside CA USA 5 ThFrSa
Orange County Costa Mesa CA USA 5 ThFrSa
Aerospace Valley Lancaster CA USA 6 ThFrSa
Bayou Kenner LA USA 6 ThFrSa
East Bay Berkeley CA USA 6 FrSaSu
Greater Kansas City Lee’s Summit MO USA 6 ThFrSa
Miami Valley Cincinnati OH USA 6 ThFrSa
Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional Minneapolis MN USA 6 ThFrSa
Oklahoma Oklahoma City OK USA 6 ThFrSa
Rocket City Huntsville AL USA 6 ThFrSa
Seven Rivers La Crosse WI USA 6 ThFrSa
Minnesota Granite City St. Cloud MN USA 6 FrSaSu
New York City New York NY USA 6 FrSaSu


Sweet, now instead of refreshing the event search every three seconds, I can refresh this CD thread every three seconds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I literally just did this like 2 hours ago lol.

Apparently emails went out to those that attended Pittsburgh last year and it will be Week 1.

My understanding is that Central Illinois will be week 3.

Yeah I can confirm quite a few additional events, but trying to keep this to things that are posted on the FIRST website since that means a venue contract is signed & HQ fully approves.


maybe there could be a second list updated here with information people have that just hasn’t been confirmed by being on the FIRST site?

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Wait it isn’t normal to check cd at least 3 times a minute?


If it wasn’t clear, I hate waiting.


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If only my phone’s browser didn’t absolutely hate Chief Delphi for some reason. I have to stop the app and delete cache at least 3 times a day.

Now you might say this the universe telling me to stop spending time on CD, my response is I can’t hear you.


the universe isn’t telling to you get off CD its telling you to move to your computer so you can CD better


Ugh. Magnoiia and Tallahassee both on week 3, and Bayou and Rocket City both on week 6. Here’s hoping Arkansas repeats on week 1…

[fixed week 5 to 6]

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Bayou and Rocket City are both week 6 events. Not a helpful difference for those interested in both, but just wanting to keep everyone straight on the schedule.

Signed up for four of my six weeks of volunteering. Week six is for MSC. Waiting for any week five events to list. Ms. Wendy is gonna be soooooooooooooooooo mad at me for not coming to Florida again…

Time to start building out my schedule! 6 events last season wasn’t enough, so I’m planning on running the full 7 this time. Gonna wait for the full schedule to drop before i begin to politely ask VCs to hand me microphones.


Weird there are no week 5 events yet…

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It’s not regionals, but NEFIRST confirmed 2 district events on week 5 (and I presume other districts will as well, especially Michigan), so we know there’s SOMETHING

But yes, agreed that it’s odd. There’s a fair few events that haven’t posted dates yet, so there’s still time.

The Arkansas Regional will be Week 2 this year at the new Searcy Lions Arena in Searcy, AR. Here is a link to some renders.


Wisconsin not posted yet nooooo :sob:

Excited to be in a new building. Sad to not be on Harding’s campus.

Hoping that Midwest doesn’t come in week 2 again this year. Otherwise we’ll have to make a difficult decision.