Confirmed 2024 Regional Events

Doesn’t look like it this year.

Does this mean that regionals raise more money for HQ than districts? If this is the case why not try and even the reg costs for everyone and reduce regional reg costs to make them closer to districts?

It feels weird if regionals are subsidizing districts. Maybe DCMP pays it back?


So this is how I think the money works in the district system (except PNW who has a different structure but overall the same dollar amounts go to FIRST vs the District)

I believe the $6000 that district teams pay at the start of the season goes directly to FIRST. Each district also pays $4000 to FIRST for every team that will be at their DCMP and then recoups said money when teams register.

The difference money wise comes from what happens when teams play for more than 1 regional or more than 2 district events. If a regional team opts for a 2nd event (or more) all that registration money goes to FIRST, this also applies to a district team who chooses to go to a regional. If a district team opts to go to another district event or an event at another district that money goes to the district hosting the event.

Based on my understanding I find it highly unlikely that Regionals are subsidizing district events as on average a district event is much cheaper to run than a regional based soley on the number of days each is required to run.

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So, the average district pays 6k per team (just like a first regional) and then 4k for the DCMP. A two-regional team pays $9k to FIRST compared to a DCMP team that pays $10k.

You’re probably right, it just comes down to running 2 districts being cheaper than 1 regional.

As a former RPC member in Hawaii, I understand fully. My question, questions the whole outdated structure of it all. The fact that a Cali regional event in a nicer sized arena is pretty much non-existent (for which I was kinda surprised), makes me wonder why headquarters has not revisited the payment structure, while RD’s and venues keep moving towards what you would find in a traditional district event.

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For the same reason all of us who didn’t get to play a match in 2020 didn’t get any registration money back. Because in FIRST’s mind that money somehow has nothing to do with the competition it grants you access to.


6 more regionals appeared just today. These appear to be Silicon Valley, Turkish events, and Quebec (Montreal not explicitly listed) with a Week 6 slot but “Location/Dates TBD”.

PS - someone want to tell someone of note to refresh FRC Events? Still stuck at 38 regionals, as far as I can tell.

Hawaii is Week 6 unofficially confirmed by Show Ready and RD today. Looks like we’re gonna try for SD or Arizona Week 4 instead, now during our Spring Break with our 1st choice and hope to get in Vegas Week 5. Closer distance in-between via the Hoover Dam. :call_me_hand:


San Jose County Fairgrounds :astonished:
So, to the best of my knowledge, SJSU’s event center was the host of NASA Ames/SVR from 2000-2023 for a total of 23 years (I’m counting 2020, as there was presumably a venue contract). Does that make it the longest time an FRC event has been in one space, year after year?

Today we confirmed our second pair of events so Türkiye looks like this now:

İstanbul Regional 5-7 Mart, Volkswagen Arena
Bosphorus Regional 8-10 Mart, Volkswagen Arena
Haliç Regional 19-21 Mart, Volkswagen Arena
Marmara Regional 22-24 Mart, Volkswagen Arena

Hope to see some of you all join us for our dance party with a side of robots :slight_smile:


Officially week 6 now by the looks of it. At least it opens up some other options we were looking at for our of state regionals.

where’s your source for silicon being confirmed? i’ve been looking for that one specifically and haven’t seen that one confirmed on first’s website


Looks confirmed - just got an email from the regional director. Week 6 - that will give us more options for a first regional!

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Yes it is. It was the only available weekend at the University of Hawaii. St. Louis Schools submitted to ILH to host and have it spring break week 4, but they got no response after over a month.
Similar to you folks, I think its better for all of us.

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So to confirm: silicon is going to be a week one this year?

Just FYI for everyone on various sources for event data as I understand it. Happy to be corrected.

Mostly seeing event data showing up first on the “TEAM-EVENT-SEARCH” pages, with the “FRC-EVENTS” pages populating shortly (or not so shortly) after. TBA pulls from the FIRST API, which seems to correspond to info available on “FRC-EVENTS”. Here ae some links using the Silicon Valley event as an example (as of today)

“TEAM-EVENT-SEARCH” (top page)

CA 2024 Regional Events search: (CASJ shows in results)

CASJ Results link: (just basic event info. No capacity info)

“FRC-EVENTS 2024” (top page)

“FRC-EVENTS 2024 CASJ” (Team or Event Not Found 9/19/23 am)

“THE BLUE ALLIANCE” (CASJ does not show in results 9/19/23 am)

direct link: (Error 404 9/19/23 am)

again - I think generally if it doesn’t show in “FRC-EVENTS”, it’s not available in the API that for TBA to populate their pages.


Is Smoky Mountain happening this year?

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This is correct.

The team and event search always populates first.

Things generally appear on FRC-events shortly thereafter, followed by TBA. TBA cache times, especially in the offseason, may make things lag there.

Events appearing on the team and event search should be considered as confirmed as any source could be.

The regional director sent out an update today which indicated that Smoky Mountains will be happening. There is no indication of which week or at which venue. The nature of the communication makes me guess that it might not even be official by Thursday and to maybe hold off until further into the window to finalize round 1 preference order.

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