Confused about config.txt in photonvision

Link to location of image in documentation
My team is using an ov9281 camera. For that, we are supposed to comment out camera_auto_detect=1. There is a warning that says “Leave lines outside the PhotonVision Camera Config block untouched. They are necessary for proper raspberry pi functionality.” What confuses me and my team is that there are two camera auto detect values, one in the block and one out of the block. The one in the block is cameraAutoDetect, without underscores. The one out of the block at the top is camera_auto_detect with underscores, the one we are supposed to comment out. We are confused what to comment out and what to keep, especially since this seems to be contradictory. We commented out the camera_auto_detect=1 at the top of the file and uncommented dtoverlay=ov9281 and left the cameraAutoDetect=1 there, but we can’t get video from the camera.