Confused on some rules about hurtling here


Alright just a few questions about the hurtling here and also just another question about the FIRST Forums.

Can anyone post onto the forum at called: “2008 Q&A - FIRST Overdrive”? I have seen a few posts show up but within a minute they dissapear. Also…

  1. Can we hit the overpass bar and if we do is it a penalty?
  2. Is the arm allowed to go over the finish line while hurtling? (is it a penalty or against the rules?)

There is no rule prohibiting touching the overpass. There is a rule prohibiting damage to the field elements. So, it depends on how hard you’re hitting it.

Team Update #1 clarified this rule to some extent.

Thank you so very much for the help. I really appreciate it. Best of luck to your team in the competition. ^.=.^ :slight_smile: