Confusing Shipping date, NYC regional

Section 6 of the competition rules states the robot must be out of our hands for 22nd February, but New York City Regional Event Details on the US FIRST site say the crate containing the Robot must be at the Midwest Conference Service Drayage Site by the preceding day (i.e. Monday 21st February)

I personally think this is a typo, the 21 march being jujst before the competition, but whatis really meant here?

I beleive it is a typo. The out of hands ship date for all robots is 2/22. Everyone has to have the robot in the hands of FedEx or dryage for the first regional on that date.

The March 21st deadline would be the latest that your robot can show up at NYC’s dryage site. The robots always have to be delivered by the shipper a Monday to that Midwest can get everything on the trucks and over to the venue sometime Wed.