Confusing webcast overlays

Does the webcast system provide previsions for swapping the blue and red sides of the overlay?

This is terribly confusing to follow when they are backwards.

Also this overlay doesn’t seem to indicated if the team is amplified or not, but is much easier to understand then the one that does.


To answer your direct question, yes the system that does the scoring overlays is configurable as to which side is blue or red. (Or at least it was in past years, and I have no reason to think this year would be different.)

However, it’s possible that there isn’t a separate display for the in-arena system as opposed to the system that’s being sent for livestream. And so it may be that the red/blue sides were picked so as to match how the majority of the in-arena audience sees the field, as opposed to how the camera sees the field. Like if the camera is on the scoring table side and the in-arena audience on the other side, then the in-arena audience may want to see red on the left, even though the camera has red on the right.

Or it may just be that the people setting it up don’t have your eye for detail. That sometimes happens too. :slight_smile: