Congrats, 862 Lightning Robotics!

Good job on winning Chairman’s at the Bedford FiM district event today! :slight_smile:

I was really excited to see you guys win it, because your team has been a huge help to the Toasters in the past, and your Chairman’s group mentored myself and my two fellow presenters 3 years ago. I am forever grateful for the mentoring that your team generously provided for us, not just for our experiences in FIRST, but also in helping me to develop good presentation skills to apply to my professional pursuits as well. Because of that mentoring and my past experience on my own team’s Chairman’s trio, I was able to give a TEDx Talk at my university last month in front of a live audience and worldwide webcast. Talk about an electrifying experience! (Pun intended, teehee. :stuck_out_tongue: ) But all joking aside, I truly am very grateful for everything you’ve done for myself and my team, and I will never forget my experiences with you guys!

So again, congratulations!

Nice! Congratulations, 862!