Congrats Amanda Morrison

Amanda Morrison was offered and has accepted the position of FVC coordinator! It’s such a plus when FIRST can hire people with FIRST experience and an understanding of what teams, schools, students and mentors go through.

Congrats Amanda, you’ll do great! Good luck and best wishes with your new position and challanges in the months ahead. FIRST and VEX could not have found or hired anyone better, they are very lucky to have you!


Congratulations, Amanda! I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job. Good luck!

Oooh! Now I know who to blame, aside of the FVC GDC members, cough JVN cough (don’t put your old FRC team number in the manual next time! :wink: ), and IFI (JVN just can’t stay out of trouble can he?), for everything that goes wrong!
On a serious note, congratulations Amanda. I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job, and I’m really looking forward to another terrific season of the FIRST Vex Challenge!

Congrats Amanda! It is definitely nice to see folks who understand FIRST taking over FIRST. :yikes:

I’m sure with the right people in place that FVC can flourish this coming year. Though I bet it will be a lot of work to get it moving…

Best of luck!

Your FIRST experiences will serve you well as FVC Coordinator.

What a great “ground floor” opportunity. I think FVC has the potential to be bigger than FRC or FLL and with your enthusiasm for FIRST I 'm sure you’ll contribute greatly to its growth and development.

Let me know if you need help in the Philadelphia region.

Congratulations and good luck!!

Congrats, Amanda! I’m sure you’ll be a great FVC coordinator.

And now you’ll be just as overworked and underpaid as anyone else in the FIRST community – maybe even more so. :rolleyes:

Those of us in FVC at the team and regional levels will try to make sure your work isn’t under-appreciated. :slight_smile:

Congrats Amanda! I am sure you will do the same amazing work with FVC that you have with everything you have done in FIRST!

Congrats, Amanda!! Congrats FIRST for getting Amanda!!

This is a good day in FIRST and anyone involved in the Vex program.

Andy B.

yay for Amanda!

Hmm, now i have another way to bug amanda, sweet. Have fun and make sure you get some event over here in upstate NY. :wink:

Congrats Amanda!!! Andy, is right, this is a great day not only for FVC, but for FIRST as a whole. Your immense knowledge and amazing leadership abilities will help FVC to become bigger and better than anyone could have ever hoped. I look forward to my involvement with the program next year even more, now knowing that FVC will be in extremely capable hands for the time to come.



You go girl!

'nuff said.


p.s. you will get the best “congratulations” present ever at IRI. This year - TWO dozen donuts!

Wow, this is wonderful news. FIRST made an excellent decision in chosing somebody both inside FIRST who has great integrity and has the excellent skills to execute everything she does.

FVC and FIRST is in good hands now with Amanda’s appointment. We’re going to miss you here in IndianaFIRST but I know you are where you need to be.

Congratulations A! :]

Amanda is hands-down one of the kindest and smartest people I know. After all her hard work since she’s been apart of FIRST, I am so happy she has receieved this honor. You go girl!

CONGRATULATIONS! :slight_smile:

Way to go Amanda! Lucky FIRST! Lucky all of us!


Congratulations Amanda but I wonder if she will be on CD alot more.

Congrats Amanda!

Congrats Amanda,

this does raise one question in my head however, will there be an Indiana FVC regional? Or, will she just be at another regional?

Congrats Amanda, you deserve the job, and they are so lucky to be getting such a hard working and wonderful woman =)

Awesome news, Amanda! Congrats!