Congrats and Thanks

Posted by Patrick Butler at 04/09/2001 3:56 PM EST

Student on team #122, NASA Knights, from NHGS and NASA Langley Research Center.

I just wanted to say congrats to the teams who beat us. And say thanks to 177, 340, 53 and 59, who were our alliance partners. It was definitely the most fun I have had in a while. I also wanted to say thanks to the various sponsors and mentors and teammates of Team 122. Especially thanks to Jeff Seaton, our field’s MC and our team’s get money from NASA guy, as well as Our Fearless Leader™, and do everything guy.

Oh yeah and Dean, if you read this please please please send me some specs on your wheelchair, I want to do that with our robot next year (besides I want to see how it’s done).

Finally, if the guy from slashdot (I forgot your name) wants to trade emails with me (or anyone for that matter) it’s [email protected]