Congrats Andy Baker!!!


all i can say

Just wanted to send out congratulations to Andy Baker on winning the Woodie Flowers Award!!! You deserve it man!!!

I just wanted to congratulate my engineering idol, Andy Baker, for receiving the Woodie Flowers award!!!

He has made such a huge impact in FIRST and deserved this award more than anyone!!


Haha wow, this is quick.

Anyways, congratulations :slight_smile:

I think if any of you in the FIRST community have ever met Andy Baker, you’d know that he is one of the most giving, inspiring, and wonderful individuals involved with FIRST. He deserved this award very much, and I know as a mentor I’m proud to say that I know him. Andy has helped countless teams, especially ones in Indiana. Because of his help and collaboration with other teams, we have events like the IRI, the Kokomo Kickoff, the Indiana workshop every year, etc. He truly exemplifies the meanings of FIRST and we are surely lucky to have him in the program.

Congratulations to Andy Baker!

What better man than Andy to win this awesome award! I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with Andy several times and I full heartedly agree with FIRST’s decision. Andy is one of the BEST mentors in FIRST and he truly deserved this recognition.

Congrats Andy!!

David Belling
Team 93 Veteran

Our team was watching together at our “Future Academy”, the tech center at our school. When Andy’s name was announced I happily said, “I know him!” chuckle I know him from Delphi. So glad to hear a familiar name. We have a student who’s posting on Delphi, and another lurker student who said she LOVES these forums. Wonderful way to become familiar with names across the nation.

Congrats from our team to you Andy.

Hurray for Baker!


I shall meet him one of these days.


You the man Andy. Congrads you earn and deserve it.


I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see you get the Woodie Flowers Award. On behalf a team #1020, the Indiana Prank Monkeys, I would like to congratulate you. Your help in St. Louis and your tireless dedication to the spirit, purpose and joy of F.I.R.S.T. is worth so much more to us than the cool twisted metal.

Congrats Andy! Glad to see you finally got it.

I can’t think of anyone more deserving.


You rule!!!

Way to go.

Wayne Doenges

Go Baker! /me hails Andy Congrats! No one better to win than you!


If it couldnt be somebody on our team, I dont now a better person in FIRST that this award could have gone to. You are not afraid to give teams advise and dont even hesitate to help another. Andy, you are a great guy and I cannot see FIRST without you (that means you are NOT allowed to leave FIRST :p). When you came down to get your award and you were on the field and I was standing on the field by the scorers table and started yelling you name to get your attention, but you obvously I didnt get your attention. The guys sitting behind me asked why I started yelling your name. I said “thats the great Andy Baker!” They didnt have a clue who you were :yikes: I watched D.J. give you a hug and everybody did an “awwwweeeee”. It also look liked you had a few tears in your eyes. hehe, its alright. :slight_smile:

2 Indiana teams have now had their engineers awarded with this award. First Mr. Beatty in 2001 and now Andy Baker in 2003.

Once again, Congratulations Andy!!! :]

Congrats! You deserve it, Andy. With all the hard work you put in, you definitely deserve that award. I was looking for you to congratulate you in person, but I couldn’t find you. Anyways, when I heard them start talking, I immediately thought of you. I can’t see anyone better to receive this award. Congratulations!

I lurked by the 45 pits twice Sat AM with the intention of introducing myself to Andy Baker, “the CD poster that ALWAYS spouts wisdom and is the voice of reason”!

Chickened out both times! My loss.

Congratulations Andy.

Lisa T =)

Congratulations, Andy. There aren’t many people around that deserve this recognition like you do.


It has been great to work with you. The things you and the Kats do are truly FIRST rate. Really looking forward to working with you again for the 2003 IRI!

Great Job!

Chris Fultz